Clinic Helena

Savonlinna, Finland


Oncology in Finland

The diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Finland is among the best in the world, according to WHO statistics. Many hospitals in Finland have long-term experience in cancer research.

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Reconstruction surgery

Doctor Helena Puonti has developed a unique microneurovascular technique for breast reconstruction which makes it possible to retain sensitivity in the breast following surgery.

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Gynecology and IVF

We offer world-class surgical and therapeutic treatment for gynaecological diseases and fertility issues. Our experienced doctors and state-of-the-art technology provide the best possible care with minimum side-effects.

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Aesthetic Surgery

Clinic Helena is one of the leading institutions in Finland in the sphere of plastic surgery. We offer both cosmetic surgery for aesthetic improvements and reconstructive surgery for problems caused by accidents and diseases.

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About Clinic Helena

Clinic Helena (Plastiikkakirurgia Helena Oy) is one of the leading private providers of health and medical services for women in Finland. Since 1999, the clinic has performed surgical procedures of varying complexityon a daily basis.

Clinic Helena offers a wide range of surgical treatments for breast cancer, treatment for gynaecological problems, aesthetic correction of the face and body, and reconstructive surgery.

The main specialization of the clinic is the application of modern methods in thetreatment of breast cancer and mastectomy recovery. We carry out all types of reconstructive surgery, including breast reconstruction using the patient’s own tissue.

Our Doctors

Helena Puonti

Helena Puonti

A leading plastic surgeon, microsurgeon and breast oncologist in Finland.


Marja-Tuulikki Tuunainen


Esa Männistö

Esa Männistö

“Best Oncologist in Finland, 2005”