Aesthetic surgery

Aesthetic surgery

Modern medicine allows raising patients’ self-esteem and improving appearence by having the fullest opportunities in face and body correction and reconstruction.


Nowadays in aesthetic medicine there are a great number of non-surgical and surgical technologies available.

In Clinic Helena aesthetic plastic surgery is presented by the following types of surgical interventions:

  • Endoscopic tuck-up of face, forehead and neck
  • Surgical interventions in blepharoplasty, nose, ear, chin correction
  • Treatment of scars and cicatrices
  • Improvement of body shape by water jet liposuction and plastic surgery
  • All types of mammoplasty including endoscopic surgeries for breast augmentation

Clinic Helena uses lipofilling and PRP-therapy widely as recent rejuvenation trends in aesthetic surgery are bringing out the potential of using organism native cells and tissues to obtain effective and natural cosmetic results.

Furthermore, current aesthetic surgery works for minimization of postoperative scars. Endoscopic technology in face and body correction allows us to obtain invisible intervention scars.