Mammoplasty means reshaping or modifying the appearance of the breasts. The contour of breasts is important from the point of perception of our figure.

A well-balanced, symmetrical bust in relation to the rest of our body increases our self-confidence. This is naturally not the most important thing in life; however, if the asymmetry of breasts starts having a negative impact on our life, the situation can be remedied by means of plastic surgery.


Breasts have always been an important component of the female figure and a sign of identity and have been considered a symbol of femininity, especially in western countries. The shape of breasts is influenced by hereditary factors, breastfeeding and ageing. The springiness of the breast tissue declines with age.

Attempts to increase the breast size were made as far back as the nineteenth century. Today breast enlargement is a widely spread operation.
Due to hereditary traits breasts can grow to an extremely large size at an early age already. Large breasts can exacerbate neck and shoulder pain and sometimes cause skin problems. Especially in professions involving physical activity (e.g. dancing) large breasts can be awkward. If the symptoms are persistent, breast reduction surgery might be worth considering.

Some women have large breasts due to being overweight. In such cases breast reduction is not enough to attain a well-balanced figure. On the contrary, it may bring out the plump abdomen. The best result could then be achieved by first losing weight. Plastic surgery procedures are not slimming operations.

Breast asymmetry can be caused by development disorder. Their shape is sometimes deformed due to breast surgery, prosthetics or breast cancer operations.

We are well familiar with treatment of such problems and will be glad to help you return beautiful and symmetrical breasts.