Breast asymmetry correction using Strattice

Breast asymmetry correction using Strattice

Increasing the breast size by means of implants is a complicated procedure. In order to rebuild a beautiful and natural-looking breast it is important to choose a correct size of the implant and the best place for inserting it. We use an incision in the armpit area and a semi-endoscopic method, with no scars left on the breast.

A round prosthesis can rise too high while a drop-shape prosthesis implanted through the lower fold of the breast may slip down if the preparation preceding the surgery and the postoperative care are not thorough enough.

In slim women implants are inserted under the pectoral muscle. The pectoral muscle is insufficient to support the lower part of the implant. It is only covered by the skin and thin chest tissue underneath.

Special Strattice tissue (acellular tissue matrix) is used to prevent the implant from dropping down or to correct its position. It supports the lower part of the breast.

Strattice tissue is produced by LifeCell Corporation. Strattice is a supporting mesh that contains no cells and is made from pig skin. At present Strattice is also used in cases where breast reconstruction by means of an implant is performed immediately during the breast cancer surgery.