Breast asymmetry correction

Breast asymmetry correction

Breast asymmetry can be congenital or a result of chest deformity. Asymmetry may also arise due to various breast operations or prosthetics.

Breast reconstruction for patients with breast cancer is most often performed in two stages. First a new breast is formed in the place of the removed one and then about three months later, when the reconstructed breast has settled into its shape, the breasts are made symmetrical.

Correction of minor breast asymmetry or slight breast uplift can sometimes be performed under local anaesthesia. However, asymmetry correction is usually a complicated surgery that is performed under general anaesthesia.

There are various methods, and the method of surgery is selected individually for each patient during the consultation.

After the surgery the patient stays overnight in our postoperative ward and is discharged the following morning. After the operation you should avoid physical exertion until the stitches are removed (8 days). During the surgery drains (catheters) are placed under the breast through which the possible tissue fluid produced under the wound is drained. The drains stay in place as long as there is drainage (1–3 days).

You can take a shower the day after the surgery.

You can return to work about a week after the surgery.