Minimally-invasive (laparoscopic) surgery

Minimally-invasive (laparoscopic) surgery

Whenever it is necessary to perform a surgical procedure on a patient, the experienced gynaecologists of Clinic Helena consider the use of minimally-invasive surgery if possible.

Minimally-invasive surgery does not use the classic surgical approach requiring postoperative recovery of the body, not only from the treated disease, but also from the trauma of the surgery. In minimally-invasive surgery, incisions on the abdominal wall are small.

The use of modern technology together with the surgeon’s videoendosсopic skills make it possible to conduct full laparoscopic surgery to even treat cancer of the uterus.

By introducing an endoscope and manipulators into the abdominal cavity, a skilled surgeon can perform radical surgery, ensuring that the patient will be cured of the disease.

Important advantages of endoscopic surgery:

  • Short postoperative hospital stay, usually 1-2 days, compared to one week after open surgery
  • No pain associated with the healing of the surgical wound
  • Only subtle incision marks on the abdominal wall, providing the best cosmetic effect
  • Rapid recovery after surgery; the patient can usually return to normal life a week after the surgery and only needs to avoid heavy lifting for some time

The doctors at Clinic Helena – Associate Professor, Dr. Anna-Maria Heikkinen and Dr. Minna Kauko – master perfect techniques in minimally-invasive gynaecological surgery.