3D modelling of the breast shape

3D modelling of the breast shape

Symmetry of the breasts is one of the main objectives in the process of shaping and reconstructing a breast. When creating a free tissue flap for transplantation, its size must exactly match the size of the patient’s own breast, and this can be very difficult to achieve. To achieve perfect symmetry, we are constantly improving the technique of 3D (three-dimensional) modelling.

By using 3D images, the size (volume) of the patient’s own breast and the size of the available tissue graft are measured. The thickness of the graft is determined by measuring the thickness of the subcutaneous fat and muscle tissue by means of ultrasound. The volume of the existing breast and the new breast is calculated on the basis of these measurements.


If it is impossible to obtain the same volume for both breasts, the volume of the patient’s own breast can be decreased, or the volume of the reconstructed breast can be increased with, for example, an implant. The size of the required implant can also be calculated using the measurements described above.

The decision on procedures to be taken is made together with the patient. 3D images make it possible to demonstrate the outcome in advance so it is easier for the patient to participate in the choice of the method.